Hello, I am Tawandra Bibbs and I teach Law Public Safety at CTC. I am from Byhalia Ms. I worked at the Holly Springs Police I worked therefor 7years. I want to teach students that there are good police officers out there thats ready to serve and care about the cizitens

Students are required to complete all assignments using the Google Classroom links below. Also, students should use this link to access instruction/class time on designated days.  

Caution: Students At WORK!!!!

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FIVE (5) Helpful Internet Hints for Parents: 

1. The hotspot from most phones can be used for internet access.  Please check the impact it will have on your data package.
2. Parents should call the phone or internet carrier in their areas and see if carriers will give them temporary internet access or internet access at a lowered price to allow students to complete their work. 
3. Family members may have internet packages that can be used with permission.  Please check the impact it will have on the data package.
4. Parents and students can use their personal laptops to access assigned school programs if the laptop has internet access.
5. Some community businesses may have free hotspots that allow the public to access their internet at no cost.

Note:  These are only helpful hints.  Please check for any requirements, permissions, or guidelines that must be followed.